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Rush Lane Poultry & Game Birds  




A huge coyote was taking Turkeys! We caught him in the act and took him out!

This guy was huge!!

The next night this nasty looking Fox tried to take one of our pheasants! FAIL!

Home Made Chicken Stock!!

Special order incubator for Emu Eggs!


Home Made Incubators!

Home made incubators!

Coturnix Quail chicks...

Our farm cat 'Liza' has kittens...

Dark Brahma Pen! 2014

French Black Copper Marans 2014

White Plymoth Rocks!

White Bobwhite Quail!

Royal Palm Turkeys!

Video Tribute to Joy Bausum
Evangelical Missionary to the World!
6-26-1984 to 8-18-2010


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