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Be sure and read this article on Teflon coated Light Bulbs... They are toxic to your flock!!

Rush Lane Poultry & Game Birds

Rush Lane Poultry 
& Game Birds


In the weeks to come, I will be moving the content that is on the 'Rush Lane Poultry' website over to my 'Bubba Rountree Outdoors' website! The content will be on the new 'Homesteading' page that I will be building within the next couple months!

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Hunting season is open here in the South we are getting prepared for the Winter Months... We hope to be canning a lot of venison this Fall! We will be making videos on how we do this! So stay tuned!

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Rush Lane Poultry raises French Black Copper Marans as well as the great dual purpose White Rocks & Delawares... We find that these birds are great for Egg laying and great for the fry-pan or Canning stock when the time comes.


Some of our Birds Pictured Below!


White Rocks!




French Black Copper Marans!


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Incubator Wiring Diagram Links Below!

Click HERE for Incubator Wiring Diagram when using 1 Light Bulb!

Click HERE for Incubator Wiring Diagram when using 2 Light Bulbs!

Click HERE for Incubator Wiring Diagram when using STC-1000 Digital Controller & a Solid State Relay!

Click HERE for Incubator Wiring Diagram when using STC-1000 Digital Controller without a SSR!

Click HERE for Incubator Wiring Diagram when using a 12 volt DC Digital Temp Controller!

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Do you like fishing or watching folks catch big fish?

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We have loads of videos posted here of our clients catching some huge Santee Catfish!

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Guiding Santee Cooper & Wateree Lakes in Central SC...



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